3 Things You Need to Know About Money Heist

When it comes to the most recent Spanish film series, most people probably think of “Money Heist” first. Since the overseas premiere, the reputation of super-excellent word-of-mouth has spread, until Netflix finally launched two seasons, setting off a wave of Spanish-language albums. Regardless of whether the two seasons have been over, the following seven things that have nothing to do with the development of the plot will take you behind the scenes of “Money Heist”.

1. The Meaning of Original Title

The English play is called Money Heist, but the original title La casa de papel has different meanings. The English translation is The House of Paper, which means that the play takes place in a house where paper is stocked. The Chinese translation of the play’s name is also similar to this.

2. The Character of “Tokyo” is Inspired by “Ultimate Kill Order”

The heroine “Tokyo” has been impressive since she appeared on stage. In fact, her hair and clothing styling was inspired by the movie “Léon”, in which Natalie Portman’s character Mathilda appeared in a similar dress.

3. The Shooting was not really at the Royal Mint

Although the scene of the robbery in the play is located in the Royal Mint of Spain, the actual exterior view of the building was taken at the Spanish National Research Council. The indoor scene was set up and shot in the studio.

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