Newbie Guide for Among Us Game

I believe that everyone likes games, there are wide range of games that you can get in the market, such as online casino games in 12Play Singapore, mobile games, and more. Among Us game is a game started the scene on a spaceship, and the game is divided into two camps, which is crew camp and impostor camp. For the crew team, you need to complete all spaceship construction tasks, or throw all impostors out of the airlock by voting. In this article, we will share you the latest guide for dummies and newbies.

Introduction to the Rule

Faction 1: Crew Team (which is also known as the good guys team)
Faction 2: Imposter (the werewolf team)

Faction 1: Crew Team (which is also known as the good guys team)
Faction 2: Impostor (the werewolf team)
In the game of Among Us proportion of the number of people in the faction is set by the opening host. There are up to three impostors, but because the condition for the victory of the impostors in the game is that when the number of impostors is the same as the number of crew members, they can win, so if there are only three impersonators, in addition, the game pretender is very easy to win.

Winning Conditions in Among Us

Crew Team:
Complete all spaceship construction tasks, or vote to throw all imposters out of the airlock.

Impostor Team:
The impostor also has two ways to win. One is to destroy the key components of the spacecraft. If the crew fails to complete the corresponding task, such as repair the reactor or repair the oxygen supply device within the specified time, the impostor will directly win.

Another way to win is to continue to kill the crew until the number of imposters is the same as the crew, you can win.

The Game Flow

Discussion Session

It is a mandatory part of this game. When someone reports that a corpse is found, everyone enters the discussion and enters the vote. The one with the most votes is thrown out of the air lock. In addition, during the game, you can also press the emergency button to force entry into the game discussion. The emergency button also has a limited number of times per game. Voting can be assigned to a certain player according to the discussion, or it can be skipped when the situation is uncertain. The user with the most votes (or skip the most votes) is the only result of this round of discussion, if a player gets votes If there is the most, the player will be thrown out. If the number of people skipping the vote is the most, no player will be thrown out of the airlock this round.

Crew Task

In the game, the crew can win the game by completing all the tasks. The content of each person’s task is slightly different. Some tasks also need to be carried out cooperatively. You can go according to the instructions on the map. The task format is very simple. A little bit of operation, just a little English foundation. It should be noted that try to avoid acting alone, so that there are no witnesses after being K.O.

Hence, here are all the information that we would like to share to you in this game. Have fun!

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