3 Things You Need to Know About Money Heist

When it comes to the most recent Spanish film series, most people probably think of “Money Heist” first. Since the overseas premiere, the reputation of super-excellent word-of-mouth has spread, until Netflix finally launched two seasons, setting off a wave of Spanish-language albums. Regardless of whether the two seasons have been over, the following seven things that have nothing to do with the development of the plot will take you behind the scenes of “Money Heist”.

1. The Meaning of Original Title

The English play is called Money Heist, but the original title La casa de papel has different meanings. The English translation is The House of Paper, which means that the play takes place in a house where paper is stocked. The Chinese translation of the play’s name is also similar to this.

2. The Character of “Tokyo” is Inspired by “Ultimate Kill Order”

The heroine “Tokyo” has been impressive since she appeared on stage. In fact, her hair and clothing styling was inspired by the movie “Léon”, in which Natalie Portman’s character Mathilda appeared in a similar dress.

3. The Shooting was not really at the Royal Mint

Although the scene of the robbery in the play is located in the Royal Mint of Spain, the actual exterior view of the building was taken at the Spanish National Research Council. The indoor scene was set up and shot in the studio.

Newbie Guide for Among Us Game

I believe that everyone likes games, there are wide range of games that you can get in the market, such as online casino games in 12Play Singapore, mobile games, and more. Among Us game is a game started the scene on a spaceship, and the game is divided into two camps, which is crew camp and impostor camp. For the crew team, you need to complete all spaceship construction tasks, or throw all impostors out of the airlock by voting. In this article, we will share you the latest guide for dummies and newbies.

Introduction to the Rule

Faction 1: Crew Team (which is also known as the good guys team)
Faction 2: Imposter (the werewolf team)

Faction 1: Crew Team (which is also known as the good guys team)
Faction 2: Impostor (the werewolf team)
In the game of Among Us proportion of the number of people in the faction is set by the opening host. There are up to three impostors, but because the condition for the victory of the impostors in the game is that when the number of impostors is the same as the number of crew members, they can win, so if there are only three impersonators, in addition, the game pretender is very easy to win.

Winning Conditions in Among Us

Crew Team:
Complete all spaceship construction tasks, or vote to throw all imposters out of the airlock.

Impostor Team:
The impostor also has two ways to win. One is to destroy the key components of the spacecraft. If the crew fails to complete the corresponding task, such as repair the reactor or repair the oxygen supply device within the specified time, the impostor will directly win.

Another way to win is to continue to kill the crew until the number of imposters is the same as the crew, you can win.

The Game Flow

Discussion Session

It is a mandatory part of this game. When someone reports that a corpse is found, everyone enters the discussion and enters the vote. The one with the most votes is thrown out of the air lock. In addition, during the game, you can also press the emergency button to force entry into the game discussion. The emergency button also has a limited number of times per game. Voting can be assigned to a certain player according to the discussion, or it can be skipped when the situation is uncertain. The user with the most votes (or skip the most votes) is the only result of this round of discussion, if a player gets votes If there is the most, the player will be thrown out. If the number of people skipping the vote is the most, no player will be thrown out of the airlock this round.

Crew Task

In the game, the crew can win the game by completing all the tasks. The content of each person’s task is slightly different. Some tasks also need to be carried out cooperatively. You can go according to the instructions on the map. The task format is very simple. A little bit of operation, just a little English foundation. It should be noted that try to avoid acting alone, so that there are no witnesses after being K.O.

Hence, here are all the information that we would like to share to you in this game. Have fun!

Benefits of Playing Online Games

Many people think that playing games is bad for physical and mental health. In fact, as long as they are not overly addicted, playing games, mobile games or esports betting online games, all are appropriately good for physical and mental health and can also increase happiness! From the kindergarten small class, what the teacher teaches most is to let us play with building blocks, all day long playing with different shapes of building blocks; gradually grow up to elementary school, every time in the physical education class, the teacher will lead us to play skipping rope, catching hiding, and more.

With the development of society and the development of technology, electronic games have appeared, and the form has also been continuously developed. From computers to mobile phones, the classification of game types is also useful for intelligence. Puzzles, actions, etc., are essentially no different from traditional games.  Scientific research shows that: games can not only add to the fun of life, but also benefit the health. Here are five advantages of playing games!

1. Faster Speed Reaction

The reaction speed exercised in the game can also play a role in real life. A study proved that gamers perform better on reaction speed tests than those who do not play games, and these tests have nothing to do with video games.

2. Enhance the Ability to Communicate with Others

Now the perception that gamers are otaku who stays in the house all day and does not communicate with others is outdated, and games have become more and more social. The rapid development of online games in the past few years has given players more opportunities to communicate with others. The interpersonal relationships brought about by playing online games or online games and other social activities are already comparable.

3. Learn Teamwork

According to a study by the University of Gothenburg, Sweden: Violent video games can promote the ability of players to collaborate in teams, and can also control bad social mentalities such as aggression of players. They found that even if these games make players aggressive, most of the games require teamwork to complete, so the most aggressive players will not get the cooperation of others and cannot play the game well.

4. Playing Online Games Can Produce Positive Emotions

Ten positive emotions that can be generated by playing games: joy, relief, love, surprise, pride, curiosity, excitement, admiration, satisfaction, and creativity.

5. Better Vision

People always say that playing games can damage eyesight, but modern research proves that the opposite is true. A study in the Journal of Nature Neuroscience showed that playing games can increase visual contrast sensitivity, while a study conducted by the University of Rochester showed that people who play games regularly have 20% higher scores on vision tests than ordinary people. Of course, the premise of these is that the game should be moderate.

About Slot Machine Games

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